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Senin, 13 April 2015

Each A Cup – Cendol-icious!

The traditional green jelly and ice shavings dessert, commonly known to us Malaysians as cendol, is given a new spin! Each A Cup introduces two new recipes to the beloved cendol.

While maintaining the classic taste of cendol, we added two other very Asian ingredients, the smooth grass jelly (cincau) and the sweet red bean, to this dessert. What you get is a refreshing-on-a-hot day, perfect-for-everyday, dessert in a cup. Sweet, creamy, icy and delicious, the new Cendol with grass jelly and red bean will have you reaching for more!

For those of you who want something more, you can try the Cendol with Mix Jelly. The tinge of sour from the mix jelly balances the creamy and sweet of the cendol to give off a unique flavour that is enjoyable to everyone.
Cendol With Mix Jelly

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