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    Super Food Ideas - December 2011 (Australia) (HQ PDF)

    Super Food Ideas - December 2011 (Australia)
    English | HQ PDF | 136 pages | 99.7 Mb

    Super Food Ideas offers simple solutions to the never-ending ?what?s for dinner?? dilemma. It?s an action magazine that lives in the kitchen, not on a coffee table, and is designed to make shopping and cooking easier. The magazine provides busy individuals and families with easy recipes and meal solutions, using readily available ingredients and simple techniques. Each issue contains hundreds of tempting recipes, nutritional information, helpful cooking tips and fantastic competitions ? all for a great-value price.

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    Saveur: The New Comfort Food - Home Cooking from Around the World

    Saveur: The New Comfort Food - Home Cooking from Around the World
    Chronicle Books | 2011 | ISBN: 0811878015 | 256 pages | PDF + EPUB | 85.95 MB + 21.02 MB

    From the pages of Saveur magazine, one of the world's premier food publications, comes a celebration of the enormous range of regional American and international dishes that have shaped the classic comfort foods of today. A steaming bowl of udon noodles, a bubbling serving of macaroni and cheese, a hearty helping of huevos rancheros, a perfectly browned grilled cheese sandwichthese are just some of the 100 mouthwatering recipes in this extraordinary volume that highlights the pleasures of comfort food in all its diversity. Brimming with more than 200 stunning photographs and memorable sidebars that present the people, ingredients, and techniques involved in the recipes, Saveur The New Comfort Food is an unforgettable journey behind the scenes of our favorite heartwarming dishes.


    Vegetarian Times - January/February 2012 [ENG]
    Vegetarian Times - January/February 2012 [ENG]
    English | HQ PDF | 92 pages | 64 Mb

    If you enjoy a delicious, nutritional diet and want to learn new ways to satisfy your food cravings, Vegetarian Times is the ultimate guide to maintaining your healthy lifestyle. With interesting articles and colorful photos, each issue offers new takes on classic recipes to fit your healthy lifestyle without compromising on taste. Youll find thorough articles on the latest healthrelated developments and food trends alike. Get advice on how to approach disease and illness with herbal and natural remedies. Read up on the latest news focusing on the governments approach to environmental and healthrelated issues.

    Vegetarian Times shares the latest information relevant to healthminded individuals, including wellwritten research articles. With reviews of the best products, food and equipment and tips on how to minimize costs, Vegetarian Times allows you to keep up with the lifestyle you want and deserve in a feasible, affordable way. Each issue offers guidance on diet, exercise and nutrition along with tips on how to prepare foods for maximum nutritional value. 

      Recipe Center - November-December 2011

    Recipe Center - November-December 2011
    English | 60 pages | True PDF | 13,5 Mb


    BC Good Food Festive Collection
    140 Delicious Recipes You Can Trust

      • BBC Good Food Festive Collection: 140 Delicious Recipes You Can Trust

      • English | 2011 | PDF | 41MB

        Koleksi belum terkalahkan dari resep Natal 

        * PARTY NIBBLES..
        * AND LOTS MORE...

    Franchise Value: 
    A Modern Approach to Security Analysis (Wiley Finance)

    Franchise Value: A Modern Approach to Security Analysis (Wiley Finance)
    Martin L. Leibowitz | Wiley | 2011-07-16 | 512 pages | English | PDF

    Pendekatan modern untuk penilaian ekuitas
    Memahami bahan-bahan kunci yang menggabungkan untuk mempengaruhi harga /laba (P / E) adalah sangat penting untuk proses investasi. Nilai Waralaba, MartinLeibowitz menangani tugas memaksakan menentukan apa yang benar-benar memiliki dampak pada P / E. Penulis menunjukkan mengapa ia berpijak padalogika konvensional yang P / E pengukur penilaian pasar masa depan perusahaan.Dia kemudian memperkenalkan pembaca dengan pendekatan waralaba-nilai untuk menganalisis arus kas calon yang menentukan perusahaan P / E. 

    Pendekatanwaralaba-nilai valuasi memungkinkan analis atau investor untuk memecahperusahaan menjadi dua bagian komponen kunci dan nilai komponen-komponen.Pendekatan nilai waralaba adalah asli dan wawasan, dan dengan buku ini,pembaca dapat mulai menerapkan pendekatan ini untuk melakukan penilaianekuitas yang lebih baik.
    Martin L. Leibowitz, PhD (Stamford, CT), adalah Wakil Ketua dan Chief Investment Officer di TIAA-CREF, di mana dia bertanggung jawab atas manajemen keseluruhan dari semua TIAA-CREF investasi. Dia telah menulis beberapa buku dan lebih dari 130 artikel, sembilan di antaranya telah menerima Analis KeuanganJurnal Graham dan Dodd Penghargaan Excellence.
    Markus bersungut
    Feedjit Pendiri & CEO.

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